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You can try our product for free with any version of Maltego, including the free Maltego Community Edition (CE). Go here to register for a free account and test-drive the product. Please mind that Maltego CE has some limitations compared to the commercial version.

Maltego Transform Hub


Monthly Pricing
1000 Transforms 500
5000 Transforms 1000

Upfront payment for a whole year gives you a one-time discounted month on your invoice. For enterprise usage, please reach out to us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Start using our data in a few steps:

Request your Secret key.

Send an e-mail to to let us know your preferred plan and whether you would like to pay per month or one year in advance (to get one month for free). Please include your company name and address in the message. You will receive the invoice via e-mail.

Request API key

Visit and log in.

After payment of the invoice, a account will be created for you; follow the link to log in, accept the terms and conditions, and you can obtain your transforms key.

Sign in with your account

Access the data hub.

To use our particular transforms, simply select in the Transform Hub in your Maltego client and insert your personal key.

Get access

Start exploring and discovering.

Use transforms to discover relationships between domain names, IP addresses, contact information, social profiles, and more. has made the following transforms available in Maltego.

Maltego Transforms


  • DomainToIP
  • DomainToPrimaryEmail
  • DomainToAllEmailAddresses
  • DomainToPrimaryPhoneNumber
  • DomainToAllPhoneNumbers
  • DomainToReverseSubdomains
  • DomainToReverseIPS
  • DomainToIncomingLinks


  • EmailToDomain
  • EmailToWebsite
  • EmailToAllEmailAddresses
  • EmailToPrimaryPhoneNumber
  • EmailToAllPhoneNumbers
  • EmailToSocialProfiles
  • EmailToIP
  • EmailToCompany


  • PhoneToPrimaryEmail
  • PhoneToAllEmailAddresses
  • PhoneToAllPhoneNumbers
  • PhoneToSocialProfiles
  • PhoneToIP
  • PhoneToCompany
  • PhoneToDomain
  • PhoneToWebsite


  • IPToPrimaryEmail
  • IPToAllEmailAddresses
  • IPToPrimaryPhoneNumber
  • IPToAllPhoneNumbers
  • IPToSocialProfiles
  • IPToCompany
  • IPToDomain
  • IPToWebsite


  • WebsiteToDomain
  • WebsiteToPrimaryEmail
  • WebsiteToAllEmailAddresses
  • WebsiteToPrimaryPhoneNumber
  • WebsiteToAllPhoneNumbers
  • WebsiteToSocialProfiles
  • WebsiteToCompany
  • WebsiteToIP
  • WebsiteToReverseSubdomains
  • WebsiteToReverseIPS
  • WebsiteToIncomingLinks

Questions about Maltego?

+ What is included with the Maltego API key?

We offer two subscriptions: one grants you 1000 Transforms each month, the other 5000. Both subscriptions give access to the Dataprovider hub in Maltego.

+ For how long is my Transform key valid?

With a subscription-based model, your Transform key is valid for one month and it will renew automatically – unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the month. A new invoice will be sent to you 2 weeks before the new month starts, which has to be paid before the start of the new month. It is also possible to pay for a full year of access up front and get one month for free.

+ Can I receive a custom product offer?

Yes. Should you want to commit more lookups each month, we have custom pricing available. Contact us at for more information.

+ What happens to my remaining Transforms at the end of the month?

Transforms do not carry over from one month to the next.

+ Where can I find details about the API and using in Maltego?

A complete guide to using Maltego is available through their website. For a list of all Transforms in the API, please click here. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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